Arja Tiili’s works baffle, frighten, awaken, thrill and make one laugh! Arja (b.1972) is finnish choreographer whose works are eclectic collisions of styles and traditions,  bravely mixing genres from breakdance to contemporary dance and martial arts, from political theater and rapping to video art. She has a knack for revealing the most intimate, secret traits of the human spirit. Her work often depicts our dark side: madness, violence, loneliness, greediness… but always with a sense of humor that is recognizable.

“My performances are destined to everyone with own thoughts and emotions.” -Arja Tiili.

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Arja Tiili Dance Company is a groundbreaking and unprejudiced dance group that combines dance with other performing arts. The group produces bold, politically aware pieces and workshops, which open up different ways to see and experience the world.

"I like to mix up and confuse with my performances" Arja Tiili.

A critical point of view to community and society, in which we live in, is important. Arja Tiili Dance Company’s most important goals are to renew dance and theatre, to support multiculturalism and to fight racism.

Arja Tiili Dance Company is subsidized by Arts Promotion Centre Finland and City of Helsinki. 



 Woyzeckmaterial 2012                  Photo: Jonatan Sundström

Woyzeckmaterial 2012                  Photo: Jonatan Sundström

Woyzeckmaterial (2012)

"Something new, not only for Theater Viirus but for whole finnish-swedish theater field in Finland." - Hufvudstadsbladet

”Woyzeckmaterial reminds more of a research which become interesting spesifically of the contrast between dance and theater. Movement language is beautiful, human and demanding.” - Turun Sanomat



 Break the Fight - I was here!                  Photo: Laura Oja

Break the Fight - I was here!                  Photo: Laura Oja

Break the Fight - I was here! (2015)

Break the Fight – I was here! dance performance deals with violence, abuse of power and oppression, as well as dreams and the power of collaboration. Break the Fight – I was here! combines elements of street culture. Bboying or breaking is spiced with contemporary dance and rapping. The videoanimation energizes the stage with its explosive visuality.

What separates us? What brings us together? What does it take to become oneself and to be oneself? The stage transforms itself into a school yard of gangs and confrontations, but also that of skills and uniting. In the realm of fantasy one can be both the most popular of the gang and a violent avenger. Break the fight – I was here! tells about daring to be oneself and accepting others as they are. The performance is part of Break the Fight! –project, which targets against school bullying and aims to prevent violence and bullying in schools.

Break the Fight – I was here! brings on stage dancers Matti ”Con-Troll" Keipi, Elena "Emko" Ruuskanen, Emre "Gust" Sevim. As well as Mercedes Bentso, a feminist rapper with a Romani background, who shares with the audience her experiences and emotions of being bullied. Videoprojection shows artist Jyrki Riekki’s powerful carnal images. The performance is choreographed by Arja Tiili.

Performance is available for touring. Duration approx. 45 mins. Stage requires 8 x 8 x 5. Along the performance, it is possible to order a 90 min educational part Break the Fight – workshop.

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