Svorskuomi- Dance performance about the Nordic identity 

collaboration with NordCC-Nordic Choreographic Collaboration-group which Arja is a co-founder of. Premier at Scen 4 in Stockholm (26.1.2013) Available for schools and young audiences. 

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collaboration with artist Teemu Mäki. ”Something new, not only for Theater Viirus but for the whole finnish swedish theater scene in Finland.” -Hufvudstadsbladet. ”Woyzeckmaterial reminds more of a research which becomes interesting specifically out of the contrast between dance and theater. Movement language is beautiful, human and demanding.” -Turun Sanomat. Premier at Theater Viirus (12.10.2012) 

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All Matters-No Escape

collaboration with artist Teemu Mäki. “Arja Tiili's dance piece is important. Definitely. If I could decide, quite many should go and see this and think about the nature of power and it's usage. Too often it's used wrong.” - Helsingin Sanomat. Premier at Body-Word -festival in St. Petersburg (17.5.2011) 

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Vimeo whole length performance, contact to receive password:


All Matters demo performance 

collaboration with artist Teemu Mäki. ”Succesfull dramaturgy thickens pressing feeling towards the end, when nobody in the audience surely isn't without an opinion. Those who has a voice and a possibilty to talk, should in name of humanity use their power of speech. All Matters does that: performers don't just speak, but they tell us, proclame and shout us people to wake up.” -Helsingin Sanomat. Premier at URB festival (2010) 

Personal Matters 

"Performers are so skillfull that you can't do anything else than enjoy. This is not mainstream, on the contrary the performance is highly spontaneous and original." -Jorma Uotinen, artistic director of Kuopio dance festival, at Kiasma URB festival and Kuopio dance festival (2008)   


"Even though there are loads of elements from theater and talking in Freak-a-Zo!, has Tiili this time found new sides of her self even movement wise - paradoxicly through restrictions of movement material. Best and perhaps most scary in the world of Tiili is it's weirdly surrealistic atmosphere. It's like David Lynch transformed into contemporary dance. The visual world of the stage stems from subconscious and bursts symbols." -Helsingin Sanomat, at Zodiak (2007)                                                       

Nobody's Watching 

"The world of Arja Tiili is fascinating. She is intelligent and creative choreographer specifically for the reason that she doesn't set too many boundaries for her self." - Helsingin Sanomat, at Dance theater Minimi and Kuopio Dance festival (2007) 


Deadly After Dark

”Arja Tiili, a versatile combiner of styles and an imaginitive creator of new ideas, has let herself to get inspired by horror movies and -literature.” -Huvudstadbladet, at Zodiak (2006) 

No-One, at Koko theater (2005) 

Stay with me, commissioned work to Subfrau- Nordic Drag King -group (2005) 

Recall, Nordic Grand Prix Choreography Competition at Kuopio Dance festival (2005) 

Raw Matters part 1, at Kiasma URB festival and Kuopio Dance festival (2004) 

Supernatural, commissioned work to Sun Ballet in Turku (2004) 

Camp no 5, commissioned work to Fullmoon dancefestival in Pyhäjärvi, at Zodiak, at Helsinki Festival (2003

commissioned work to Helsinki Dance Company at Helsinki City Theater (2003) 

X-Ray, commissioned work to dancer Jenni Nikolajeff at INDIE-EVENT Dancetheater Hurjaruuth (2003) 

Crack-Särö, at INDIE-EVENT Dancetheater Hurjaruuth (2002) 

5 Demo, at Dancetheater Hurjaruuth (2002) 

Volte-Face part 4, won second prize at Helsinki International Choreography Competition (2001) 

Flesh, was chosen to Dance Arena Rencontres Choreographiques Internationales de Seine- Saint Denis choreography contest program (2001) 

Machbeth, at Q-Theater in Helsinki. Dir. Antti Hietala (2008) 
Julkinen-Offentlig, at Theater Academy of Finland. Dir. Milja Sarkola (2003) 

Winter Circus Sirius, at Dancetheater Hurjaruuth, Dir. Arja Pettersson (2003) 

Urladding, short film in Stockholm. Dir. Per Zetterfalk (1994) 
How to Kill a Healthy Intention, videoinstallation and live performance in a shopping window. Stockholm- Cultural Capital of Europe program (1998) 
Your Gaze Hits the Side of My Face, live performance in the shopping window of Stockmann (2000) 

NordCC -Nordic Choreographic Collaboration - festival in nordic countries 2015-2019.

INDIE-Art Factory- festival (before INDIE-EVENT).Theme of the festival was Nordic performances from Sweden, Norway and Finland. Co-production with Ateneum Art museum in Helsinki (2005) 


The idea was to organize a festival that could be a melting pot for different expressions and styles of performing arts such as contemporary dance, breakdance, theater, circus etc. A platform where artists from different genres could meet and collaborate with each other. Dancetheater Hurjaruuth (2002 and 2003).